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Muppet Merchandise, Page 2.

Bendy Toys Kermit.

Kermit The Frog made by Bendy Toys England in 1977, 14½" tall. In good condition but does have some wear around mouth, and missing felt collar. $85.00 = £52.00.

Hard to find Fisher Price Kermit Glove Puppet. This is a toy that probably did not sell well in the U.K. making it a rare item today. Kermit is 25.5cm (10") high, c.1978. Fisher Price tag attached to the inside back of the toy. Condition is very good to excellent. Velcro as with the Kermit doll on both hands. We have not had stock of this toy for well over a year. £58.00. = $104.00. = EUR 98.00.

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Statler PVC figure by Schleich 2¾" high in excellent condition £22.00. = $34.00. = EUR 32.00.

Four characters, Fozzie, Miss Piggy SOLD, Gonzo and Kermit, from a series of small PVC bendy toys made by Grand Toys in 1989, between 4" and 5½" high. All are in good condition but do have some minor play wear. $16.00 = £10.00 each.

Grand Toys Bendy Muppet Figures.

Grossmith Ltd England Fozzie Bear soap good condition, 4¾" (12cm) high. $20.00 = £12.00.

Fozzie Bear Soap.

Schleich PVC Waldorf Figure 2" high on a stand. In excellent condition.

£24.00. = $37.00. = EUR 37.00.

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Very rare Schleich figure Swedish Chef. 6.5cm (2½") high. Figure is in good condition slight rubbing to the edge of the plate, toes of boots and tip of nose. The hardest of the Schleich figures to find. £32.00. = $45.00. = EUR 51.00.

Muppet Envelopes.

Muppet characters stationary, 1977, envelopes 6¼" x 4½" (16cm x 11½cm), four different characters available, Fozzie, Kermit, Miss Piggy and Waldorf, in packs of 18. All in as new condition. $10.00 = £6.00 each.

Muppet characters stationary, 1977, writing paper 8" x 6" (20cm x 15cm). Three different character designs available, Waldorf, Miss Piggy, and Fozzie. All in as new condition. $15.00 = £10.00 each.

Muppet Writing Paper.

Muppet Notepads. Muppet stationary notepads on character shaped backing card 1977, Animal SOLD, Fozzie, Kermit and Miss Piggy available. All in as new condition. $15.00 = £10.00 each.

Muppet Show jotter, 1977, one design only available. In as new condition. £10.00 = $15.00 Muppet Show Jotter.

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