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Greyhound Scenicruiser Bus. (friction) 26cm (10¼") long.

Cragstan Japan c. 1960's. All tin lithographed Greyhound Bus condition is good some marking and slight distortion to the roof areas. 7/10. £28.00. = $44.00. = EUR 43.00.
Rolls Royce Silver Cloud. (friction) 30.5cm (12") long.

Bandai c. 1950's All tin Rolle Royce Silver Cloud. The toy has been repainted, is in very good condition with good paint job. Chrome is good with very slight corrosion, one rear door handle missing. £65.00. = $93.00. EUR 105.00.
Cowboy & Horse (clockwork) 15cm (6") high.

Marked Made In Occupied Japan maker unknown. Literature: SeeToys From Occupied Japan Anthony R. Marsella p.77. Tin Horse with Celluloid rider. Overall condition is good the rider has been repaired under the chin but is complete. Slight paint loss the the saddle under the cowboys legs. Mechanism works well. Marked "Made In Occupied Japan" on the side of the saddle. 7/10 sold
Drinking Man. (clockwork) 19.5cm (7¾")

drinking man

Japan maker unknown c. late 1950's. Clockwork powered figure with drinking and pouring action. The toy has an offset wheel causing it to vibrate and move sideways on a flat surface. Condition is good, face and legs are a little faded. Mechanism working well. £40.00 = $72.00 = EUR 58.00
Duck. (clockwork) 10cm (4") long.

Alps c.1960's Well lithographed all tin clockwork duck with moving legs. The toy is in very good to excellent condition with fitted winding key, mechanism working perfectly. £38.00. = $71.00. = EUR 55.00.
Ducks Family. (friction) 25.5cm (10") long.

Made in Japan c. 1960's maker unknown. All tin lithoed Mother Duck with three ducklings novelty chasing action with sound mechanism. Condition is excellent as new complete with original box. toy and box 9+/10. £46.00. = $72.00. = EUR 67.00.
Ball Bearing Puzzles. Marked Made In Occupied Japan maker unknown. Two designs for these double sided glass top puzzles one with a clown and a dog the other with a cat and a dog. The puzzles are 2¼" diameter with tin rims, condition is very good £18.00 = $30.00 each.
Globe of the World Spinning Top. (Clockwork) 6.5cm (2½") high.

Japan c.1960's. Small all tin lithographed spinning Globe of the World. Winding mechanism attached to the top of the centre spindle. Condition is excellent as new. £15.00. = $23.00. = EUR 22.00.
Truck Set. (friction) one complete vehicle 19cm (7½") long. Alps c. 1950. Prime mover and three different trailers complete with original box. Toy 8+/10 box 6/10.


Telephone Bear (battery) 23cm (9") high. T.M. c. 1950's. Literature: SeeBattery Toys Brain Moran, p.32. Seated Bear with telephone, telephone rings bear lift receiver to ear and mouth moves. Condition is fair some wear to trousers otherwise good. 7/10. £125.00. = $200.00.
Beach Set. Box 28cm x 16.5cm (11" x 6½") Unknown, c.1950. Excellent still tied in original box. Toys 9+/10, box 7/10. £48.00. = $78.00.
Tin Seaside Buckets. 16.5cm (6½") to 23cm (9") high including handle. Maker unknown c.1960's. The condition is very good apart from some surface rust spots on the chrome handle on the smaller bucket and very slight spotting on the rim of the larger ones . Small £12.00 = $18.50., Medium £15.00 = $23.00. Large size temporally out of stock.
BOAC Jeep (friction) 15cm (6") long.

Japan c.1960's Tin toy jeep with BOAC markings in very good to excellent condition. £45.00. = $63.00. = EUR 72.00.
Concrete Mixer Truck. (friction) 21.5cm (8½") long.

Toymaster, Japan c.1960. Unusual vehicle tin toy with a concrete mixer on the back that rotates with drive from the friction mechanism. There is a lever to tilt the mixer. Condition is good, toy has it's lithographed box lid but no box base. Toy 8/10. £68.00. = $104.00. = EUR 106.00.
Popeye Figure. 9cm (3½") high.

Japan c.1930's Nice early Popeye celluloid figure which has survived very well one tiny dent in the left boot, the elastic in the arms has perished. £50.00. = $78.00. = EUR 79.00.
Celluloid Teddy Bear. 11cm (4¼") high.

Japan c.1930's Jointed early celluloid Teddy bear. The toy is in very good condition, leg and arm elastic stretched, not unusual on these early Japanese toys. (Two available). £28.00. = $43.00. = EUR 44.00.
Emergency Space Rocket. (clockwork) 15cm (6") long.

Yonezawa c.1970. Tin toy Police Rocket toy with vinyl head driver. Toy has a clockwork mechanism with a ram hat turns to toy. Condition is excellent as new in original box. £110.00. = $159.00. = EUR 176.00.
Cork Firing Western Pistol 23.5cm (9¼") long. Japan is the only mark, no makers mark c.1950's Good lithography with picture of horses head on the butt.All tin spring loaded action fires cork. Condition is good 7/10. £22.00. = $33.00.
Walking Red Indian Drummer (battery powered remote control) 30.5cm (12") tall.

Walking Indian Drummer.

Probably Alps (same head as Indian Joe) c.1960's. Remote control walks forward playing drum. Very good. Fabric clothing slightly grubby. 7/10. £95.00. = $155.00.
Milk Delivery Truck. (battery) 28cm (11") long.

Tomy c. 1970's. Milk truck with loading conveyer belt, forward and reverse action. Toys is in excellent condition and working order, tin with plastic cab. Complete with original box. £45.00. = $65.00.

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