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Toys From Japan.

The golden years of toy production in Japan were the 1950's and 1960's, when a fantastic array of tin mechanical toys powered by inertia or friction motors, clockwork or batteries were produced in their millions. Many of what are termed novelty toys had highly complicated mechanisms to produce the functions they performed. They still have the same fascination in their actions for collectors today as they did when they were made. The tin toy car production from Japan in the 50's and 60's is a history of vehicles in miniature. Most of the best Space toys were made here too and are now very sought after items. Allowing for artistic licence they also display the great interest in space travel as it evolved. Also in demand by collectors are toys produced during the period of Occupied Japan, they have a collecting interest all of their own. Tin lithographed mechanical toys and celluloid toys were made in Japan from the very early 1900's, pieces from this period are very hard to find now. There are many very good and informative books on toys from Japan covering all the many and fascinating aspects of the subject. Please enjoy your browse through this section of Kidd's Toys.

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Alps, Japan. c.1960's. Friction powered, the butterfly flaps its wings whilst travelling along. The body and wings are beautifully lithographed tin, and it measures 13cm (5") at its widest. Condition is good. £25.00 = $43.00 = €37.00.


Hiro, Japan. c.1960's. This tin tumbling skier is clockwork powered, wound by turning his ski poles rather than a key, and as he unwinds the poles rotate flipping him over. Condition is good, figure stands 7cm (2¾") tall. £30.00 = $52.50 = €43.00.
Shaky Scotty.

Shaky Scotty.

Alps c. 1960's. Fur fabric covered tin scotty dog, clockwork powered with on/off switch, the Shaky Scotty walks along and then shakes and barks, toy is in excellent condition with box, the box lid is slightly worn and has an area on the top where the picture has torn.


Greyhound Scenicruser Bus (friction) 19cm (7½") long.

Made in Japan c.1960's. All tin Greyhound Bus in overall good condition, steering on the front wheels, slight rippling to the cab roof. 7/10. £40.00. = $62.00. = EUR 58.00.
Two Figure Trapeze Toy. (clockwork) 30.5cm (12") high with balance weight down.

Maker unknown Japan c.1930's. Very nice, early and rare double figure Trapeze toy with two Celluloid Figures in almost perfect condition, very tiny dent in the end of the nose on the green dressed figure. Lovely action with the figures somersaulting over each others heads and back. The toy is in perfect working order and comes complete with it's original plain card box. 9/10. So rare to find a toy of this kind with the figures in such excellent condition. £135.00. = $212.00. = EUR 198.00.
Mechanical Strolling Dandy. (clockwork) 17cm (6¾") high.

Alps Japan c.1950's. Rare fun dog toy "Strolling Dandy". Good action with twirling cane, mouth opens and closes, vibration causes the toy to move around on smooth surfaces. Toy is in very good to excellent condition complete with it's original box. £110.00. = $207.00. = EUR 160.00.
Mobilgas Tank Truck. (friction) 38cm (15") long.

Maker Unknown Japan c.1970. Large Impressive all tin Mobilgas Tanker with friction drive and sound mechanism. The toy is complete with it's original box and is in good condition some loss of covering to the plated areas, slight crazing to the paintwork on some surfaces, box is good repaired on one lid corner. Toy and box 7+/10. £85.00. = $133.00. = EUR 124.00.
Mother Bear. (battery) 24cm (9½") high.

Modern Toys c.1950's. Another toy with good action. Mother Bear rocks back a forth in a rocking chair, knits with both hands, head moves back and forward and the eyes light up. The toy is in perfect working order and in good condition, fur fabric slightly grubby with age. It is complete with it's original illustrated box, box is good overall but has a small section of one corner of the lid missing. Toy 8/10, box 7/10. £155.00. = $224.00. = EUR 248.00.
F.9. Fire Engine. (friction) 26cm (10¼") long.

Maker Unknown c. 1970. Interesting action on this toy lever on the side releases the ladder which extends and opens out with a tin fireman figure on the top, mechanism contains a siren. The toy is a mixture of tin and plastic, everything is tin apart from the red body of the vehicle. Condition is excellent as new complete with original box. £88.00. = $124.00. = EUR 143.00.
Freight Train Set. (battery) Gauge is between "0" and "00", Loco with tender 30.5cm. (12") long.

Freight Train Set.

Yonezawa/ Cragstan c.1960. Five piece Freight Train Set consisting of 0-6-0 American outline steam locomotive with working headlight and forward and reverse action. Four wheel coal tender, open freight wagon, Shell tanker wagon, and a caboose with guard on the back with moving arm with green flag. Included is an oval of track, two straights and six curves. The set is complete with it's original box with all internal packing and dividing pieces. The box is in good overall condition, tape reinforcements to three lid corners. Train set condition is excellent I consider the toy has seen little if any use. 9+/10 toy 7/10 box.


School Bus (battery) 28.5cm (11¼") long.

School Bus.

Cragstan c.1950's. All tin lithoed School Bus, forward and reverse action with remote control. The toy is in perfect working order and is complete with most of it's original box. The box has been repaired and is missing two small pieces from the front and one end flap from the lid. Toy 8+/10, box 5/10. £65.00 = $97.00.
Bus. (clockwork) 10.5cm (4") long.

Marked "Made In Occupied Japan" late 1940's. Literature: SeeToys From Occupied Japan Anthony R. Marsella, p. 68. The toy is in as new condition in original wrapping contained in original plain card box, "Made in Occupied Japan" impressed on the underside of the toy. 9+/10. £45.00 = $68.00.
UFO X05 (battery) 19cm (7½") diameter.

Modern Toys Japan c. 1970's. Part tin part plastic space toy with bump and turn action plus flashing lights, sound mechanism, and revolving antenna in the cockpit. The toy is in good overall condition apart from a small hole in the right hand side of the dome and a tiny dent on the front. Working perfectly on all functions. 7+/10


Tugboat (battery powered) 33cm (13") long. Marusan, c.1960. A water toy, puffs smoke from the funnel, engine noise. Very good in original box. Toy 7+/10. Box 8/10. £115.00. = $188.00.
Bus. (friction) 38.5cm (15¼") long.

Yonezawa c.1950's. Very well lithographed all tin toy with inset passenger window detail. The toy is in overall good condition mechanism working perfectly with sound device. Three small dents on the roof and very light scratch marks on the sides. 7/10 £48.00. = $79.00. = EUR 69.00.
Two Gun Sheriff (battery) 28cm (11") high. Cragstan c.1950's. Literature: SeeBattery Toys Brain Moran, p.60. Wonderful action toy Sheriff figure shuffles sideways with body swaying action, arms move in and out, mouth moves also a gun sound. Condition is very good working perfectly on all functions. 8/10. £145.00. = $216.00.
Broadway Trolley, (battery operated) 31cm. (12") long. T.M. c. 1960. Bump and go, bell rings, stop go action. Very good overall, slight rust spot to one side, battery box catch replaced. 6/10. £75.00 = $110.00.
Mercedes Benz 250SE. (clockwork) 18cm (7") long.

Japan maker unknown c.1970. Mercedes 250SE in excellent condition complete with original box. Box has side endflaps missing, endflaps have been reinforced. Toy 9/10 box 6/10. £55.00. = $79.00.
Tramcar. (friction) 10cm (4") long.

Maker unknown, almost certainly Occupied Japan. Found as old store stock these tramcars are in as new condition with pantograph on the top and complete with original plain card box. Choice of red or blue. £40.00. = $57.00. each.

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