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Tower Railway No. 400/T. (clockwork) round part of track 32cm (12½") diameter.

Johann Höfler US Zone Germany c.1950's A lesser known Germany manufacturer that produced some great toys of which this is a very good example. Clockwork locomotive travels from the station building at the bottom to the top of the spiral of rails, is switched automatically to reverse and returns to the station, action repeated. The toy is in excellent condition working perfectly and has it's original box, winding key and instruction leaflet in English and German. The box has been reinforced in the corners. Toy 9/10 box 5+/10.


No.305 Olympic Soccer Game. Stadium 53.5 x 32cm (21" x 12½").

Technofix c.1963. All tin lithographed soccer game for two players with lever controls on each end. Condition is very good, complete with original box. Box has been repaired on the corners of the lid and has slight tape damage to the side flaps, name written on the lid. £85.00. = $160.00. = EUR 123.00.
'0' Gauge Station Single Ramp. 34.5cm (13½") long.

Bing c.1930. Attractive station with great lithography including 12 advertisements for many products of the day. The windows and door in the station building are pierced and there is a hole in the bottom of the platform for a bulb holder to illuminate the interior of the station. Condition is overall good, there is some loss of the lithography on the ads and picket fence on the end of the platform both front an back, this is an all round lithoed toy. . 7+/10. £75.00. = £108.00.
Bee Sparkler. 12.5cm (5") long. Made in Western Germany. c.1960. Plunger type toy with a bee on a flower. Sparking not working due to worn flints. otherwise very good. 7/10. £85.00. = $135.00.
H0 Passenger Trainset. (clockwork).

K.D. Germany c.1960's. H0 clockwork passenger trainset 0-4-0 continental outline tank locomotive and two passenger coaches with an oval of track and winding key. The loco is plastic bodied the rolling stock is lithographed tin. Condition is excellent unused complete with original well lithographed box. 9/10.


No.205 MM Aircraft. (clockwork) 15cm (6") wingspan.

Maker Unknown marked Made In Germany U.S. Zone. c. 1950. Unusual toy with turning and backwards and forward action. All tin toy in very good to excellent condition complete with it's original lithographed box. Toy and Box 8+/10. £60.00. = $87.00.
Bing '0' Gauge Signal Gantry. Bing c. 1920's. Overall condition is good some corrosion to control levers and coloured celluloid missing from one signal arm 7/10 £65.00 = $110.00.
Convertible Car (friction) 15cm (6") long. Niedermeier c. 1950's Marked Made in Western Germany this tin lithoed convertible is typical of the toy production of the period. It is in very good condition grades at 8+/10 £25.00 = $40.00.
Tripple Trapple Dog. 20cm. (8") long. Schuco c.1950.. Pull along dog all four legs move very realistically. Fair some wear to fur 6/10. £95.00. = $155.00.

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