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Tin Toys from Germany.

From the late 1800's to the 1960's Germany produced some of the best tin toys in the World. The now great names of Bing, Carette, Marklin, Lehmann, Schuco, Distler, Tipp and many more, were responsible for what are the most desirable collectors toys of high quality and manufacture. World record prices are almost exclusively held by German produced Tin Toys. The fabulous model ships from Marklin, wonderful novelty action toys by Lehmann, quality vehicles and novelty toys from Schuco, terrific railway toys from Bing and Marklin, the array of great tin cars that they all made, not to be forgotten those wonderful little penny toys, all from German toy makers. Many excellent books and reference works exist on these toy makers, including reprints of early catalogues where now very desirable toys are marked at a few shillings a dozen, sadly no longer available at those prices. Please enjoy you browse through this section.

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Telesteering Car 3000. (clockwork) Car 11cm (4¼") long.

Schuco Germany c. 1930's. Early patent applied for version of this popular toy car from Schuco. The toy is in good condition some tiny chips to the paint work on the roof and bonnet. Toy complete with all the accessories, 12 wooden posts in three colours, wooden ball which has surface indented marking, Schuco winding key, steering wheel, instruction leaflet, wire to attach the car to the steering wheel and it's box. The box is missing half from the top of the slide on outer sleeve, edges of sleeve fragile. Toy 7+/10 box 6/10.


No.298. Highway Viaduct, (clockwork) track 46 x 33cm (18" x 13").

Technofix c.1960. Three car toy with over and under action, there are stopping points and cars are stopped and released by other cares at different points on the circuit. The toy is in very good condition and working order, complete with original box and technofix winding key for the cars. Box has been repaired on two side flaps and base corners internally with brown gum tape. 8/10. £155.00. = $248.00. = EUR 223.00.
No. 315 Gigant Construction Site. (Battery) Base 56cm x 38cm (22" x 15").

Technofix. Made In Western Germany c.1966. Another lovely toy from Technofix, two construction site vehicles travel up and down the track turning and reversing to load and unload to and from hoppers. The toy is battery powered and the vehicles are operated from two control levers, on reaching the end of their journey they tip the load into a hopper to be transferred to the other vehicle. Condition is good, the battery box is free from corrosion. With the change in battery design and size since the toy was made the bottom battery requires a small piece of foil packing to make the toy work. The smaller truck has had a repair to the back on one side. The base is made from a combination of moulded plastic and tin both vehicles are plastic. Box is in good condition repaired on one lid corner. The toy works very well, great fun. Toy and box 7+/10.


Sonny-Peter (2006). (Clockwork) 14cm (5½") long.

Schuco c.1960. One of the rarer toys From Schuco with novel action when wound the car moves forward and the figure raises and lowers it's arms. Condition is very good, very slight scuff to one front wheel arch just behind the wheel, on and off switch on the underside of the car intermittent. Toy grades 8+/10.


No.303. Cable Car. (clockwork) track 47cm (18½") long.

Technofix Western Germany c. 1962. Wonderful lithography and action on this toy. Two cable cars travel up and down the mountain, two saloon car run round the perimeter roadway into the tunnel where they are lifted to the top level and freewheel down again stopping at the cable car station on route. The toy is in very good to excellent condition and working order, complete with it's box. The box has a large piece missing from one end flap of the lid and there have been repairs and reinforcements to other areas of the lid. Toy 8+/10 box 6+/10 £175.00. = $323.00. = EUR 253.00.
Synchromatic 5700 Packard. (battery) 26.5cm (10½") long.

Schuco c.1960. Lovely toy from Schuco, battery powered with two forward speeds and reverse. The car can be operated in each function by pressing buttons on the dashboard, the red centre button is stop, there is also an ignition light on the dash which flashes on and off. By moving the lever at the rear of the car it will go automatically through the two forward speeds and reverse in rotation. Steering is from the cars steering wheel. The toy is in excellent condition the two fins on the back are plastic and one side has some loss to the gold painted area which is the only blemish on the toy. Mechanism is working perfectly. The car has it's original box which would also have contained a remote steering wheel and some wooden pegs these are missing. Box is also in very good condition. In my opinion this model is the very best of the Schuco cars. £695.00. = $1010.00.
Clap- Railway. (clockwork) track 57cm (22½") end to end.

Johann Höfler US Zone Germany c.1948. These rail based toys are rare and hard to find items. This one has an oval of track with a clockwork railcar and halfway along the back section of the track is a lift, the car travels along the track enters the lift which is spring loaded and the weight of the car drops it to the lower level a lever is activated at the same time releasing the car to repeat the action. Hofler did make some wonderful toys with totally different actions this is a great example of one of them. The toy has been found as unsold stock from a long closed toy store and is in excellent condition complete with it's original box, winding key and instruction leaflet, Long term storage has caused slight damage to the box which has been reinforced on some corners. Toy 9/10 box 7/10 £125.00. = $180.00.
'0' Gauge Double Bogey LMS Opening Door Passenger Coach. 26.5cm (10½") long.

Bing 1924. '0' gauge double bogey 1st and 3rd class passenger coach with opening doors in LMS livery. Condition overall is very good and original. All door handles are complete and working, roof has a few minor scratch scratch and chip marks, one coupling lock missing. Bing logo printed both ends. 8/10. £165.00. = $242.00.
Power Hammer/Punch (steam engine accessory) 16cm (6¼") high.

Bing 1920's. Nice early piece in very good condition, Bing 1923/32 trademark impressed on the underside of the base plate 8/10. £48.00. = $72.00.
Two Circular Saw Benches. (steam engine accessories) Doll 8.25cm (3¼") the other 6.5cm (2½") high.

Doll et Cie (large), Unknown (small). c.1920's and 1950's. Doll bench has an adjustable fence and is in very good condition slight chips to paintwork around the base, the smaller toy is in very good condition. 8/10 and 8+/10. £58.00 = $87.00 the pair.
Trans World Flyer. (clockwork) Aeroplane 15cm (6") wingspan.

Biller Toys c.1960. Rare and very unusual tin toy that combines with a playing board map of the World to make a game for up to twelve players. The toy has two clockwork motors, one in the aeroplane to power the propellers, and one in the centre unit to power the turning arm that attaches to the aircraft wing. There is a remote control box that stops and starts the centre unit and raises and lowers the plane. The object to land the plane in different cities around the World defined by drawing cards of national flags. Condition is very good, there is some slight crazing to the lithography on the plane and one of the flag cards is missing, both mechanisms working perfectly. The toy has it original instruction leaflet and original box which has been repaired, one end of the lid has been replaced with plain card. Toy 8/10 box 5/10. £165.00. = $240.00
Control Tower Helicopter.

Arnold Western Germany 1960. Nice toy that can be flown around the central control tower using and hand cranked mechanism. The toy is in very good condition in it's original box with instruction leaflet, there is some slight paint loss to the tail of the helicopter on one side The box has had the lid corners reinforced on the inside with gum tape Toy 8/10 box 7+/10. £110.00. = $161.00.
1920's Open Tourer (clockwork) 14cm (5½") long. No Makers mark apart from P.W. impressed on the clockwork mechanism. From the style could well be Orobr c. 1920's. Condition is very good, front wheels steerable, they are loose on the axle. Clockwork mechanism working perfectly. Slight age crazing to paintwork 8+/10 £145.00 = $240.00.

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