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Another new section to the site, here I shall offer a selection of those fascinating magic sets, tricks and related items from around the world. Our finding service is also available for any other magic related items you may be looking for.

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The Cavendish Box of Magic.

Box of Magic

Cavendish c.1950's A box of various magic tricks and jokes including the 'Weird and Creepy' Acrobatic Matchbox, Svengali Trick Pack of Cards 'No Skill Required'!, The Dissolving Card Trick, and many others. The box and tricks are in very good condition complete with instructions.


Presto Magic Little Wizard Box of Tricks.

Presto Magic c.1940's. Charming little magic set with all the trick equipment still sealed into the original boxes and packets complete with their instruction leaflets, never used. 7 tricks in all. Condition is as would be expected excellent. A set obviously produced for the Christmas Market with Holly printed on the box. £48.00. = $86.00. = EUR 81.00.
Magic Made Easy Modern Magic.

Kay London c.1950's. Boxed Magic set by Kay of London complete with instruction book with suggested programme for a magic show. Condition is good to very good. Box lid has slight label damage to top right hand corner. £48.00. = $75.00. = EUR 70.00.
David Nixon Junior Magic Box.

Metra Products c.1960. David Nixon Junior Magic Box. David Nixon well loved T.V. and Radio Star selected the tricks for this set. The set is complete and in good condition. Box is good slight fading to the outside and tiny area of tape damage top centre of the lid. £46.00. = $73.00. = EUR 68.00.
Magic Set No. 20.

Merit Magic Set.

Merit, England c. 1960's. 57 trick set complete and in very good condition. The box has some tape marks on three side flaps on the lid and on the underside of the base. £45.00 = $73.00.
Magic Set. Thomas Salter Toys & Sports 1960's. Boxed Magic set containing props for 30 tricks and ideas for 15 more, complete and with instructions. As some of the tricks are still fixed into the box I think this set has seen little if any use. Slight damage to box lid. £35.00 = $55.00.
Merit No.3. Magic Set.

J. & L. Randall Ltd. c.1960. No.3 Magic Set complete and still tied into it's box. The set and box are in excellent condition. Instruction for the tricks printed on the inside of the lid. Impressive set.


Modern Magic.

Kay London c. late 1950's. Nice set with most of the tricks sealed in original packets and tied into the box, comes complete with a 24 page instruction book especially compiled for use with the Modern Magic Conjuring Sets by David Berglas. Condition is very good to excellent, both set and box. £44.00. = $72.00. = EUR 63.00.
Hanky Panky Magic Set No.2. Box 41cm x 29cm (16¼" x 11½") Airfix c.1970's Condition of the box and contents are excellent missing two safety pins and a plastic ring. Has instruction book. £24.00. = $38.00.

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