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New.Cinderella Card Game.

Cinderella Card Game.

Pepys, 1970's.
"Cinderella" card game from the Walt Disney film. A lovely set of illustrated playing cards featuring the characters from the film, in good condition complete with instuctions, instruction leaflet is slightly torn.
£18.00 = $34.00 = €27.00.



Pepys, c.1940.
An illustrated card game based on the story of Pilgrim's Progress. Complete with instruction leaflet for playing several different games, also comes with a résumé of the original story. In very good condition, top of box slightly torn, bottom tray missing half of one side piece.
£22.00 = $41.50 = €32.60.



Pepys, c.1940.
Kargo or Card Golf represents a game of golf played with cards, although no knowledge of golf is necessary. The pack consists of 53 playing cards which are still sealed in their original cellophane wrapper, complete with instruction booklet in excellent condition, one corner of box lid is slightly split.
£40.00 = $75.60 = €59.00.



Pepys, c.1970.
Goal is the soccer card game. This is the second edition of the game the object of which is to win matches by scoring the most goals using the 44 illustrated playing cards. Complete with instruction booklet slightly torn at the top all in good condition.
£14.00 = $26.00 = €21.00.

New.Spelling Bee.

Spelling Bee.

Maker unknown, Entered at Stationers' Hall, 1930's/1940's.
Exciting and educational game of Spelling Bee. The game is played like Snap but instead of matching cards the players endeavour to make words. Complete with instruction booklet the game is in very good condition.
£18.00 = $34.00 = €27.00.



Jarvis Porter Ltd, Leeds, c.1960.
Kan-U-Go is the crossword card game, where players aim to make crosswords form the lettered cards. Complete with instructions in very good condition.
£15.00 = $28.00 = €22.00.

New.Old Maid.

Old Maid.

Chad Valley, c.1940.
A lovely edition of the classic game Old Maid, the pack of cards are beautifully illustrated and the game is complete with instructions. Condition is very good.
£35.00 = $66.00 = €52.00.



Waddington, c.1970.
The new card game of "skill, laughter, excitement and interest"! The object of the game is to get rid of your lettered cards as fast as possible by creating words. Condition is very good complete with instruction leaflet.
£12.00 = $23.00 = €18.00.

New.Woodland Happy Families.

Woodland Happy Families.

Pepys, c.1980.
44 cards made up of 11 woodland families all illustrated by Racey Helps comprise this classic game. Compleet with instructions it is in very good condition.
£20.00 = $38.00 = €30.00.
Animal Grab.

Animal Grab

The St. Michael Juvenile Card Games, British Manufacture. c.1930's Animal Grab is played along the same principals as Snap but instead of shouting 'Snap' the players have to make the noise of the relevant animal pairing, caw-caw for the crow, hee-haw for the donkey and so on. The game is complete with intructions and is in good condition. The box does show some wear with rubbing to corners and splits to the top.


Fleet Street.

Fleet Street.

Waddy Production, c.1940's The object of the game is to collect a complete set of seven cards in one colour without any penalty cards. The game is complete with instructions and condition is good. The box lid has some rubbing to edges and corners have been repaired. £28.00 = $50.00 = EUR = 40.00
Rush Hour.

Rush Hour

Universal Publications Ltd, c.1950's The object of the game is to collect a set of six identical transport cards. Game is complete with instructions and is in very good condition.


Safety First.

Safety First.

Safety First Ltd., Bradford. c.1940's A point scoring road related card game in very good condition complete with instructions and scoring cards. £30.00 = $54.00 = EUR = 43.00

Parker Brothers Inc. Salem, Mass. USA. c. 1920's. Card Game based on Motor Car Touring. The object of the game is to collect sets of cards and achieving a total of 110 miles, players can play Delay Cards to slow down the progress of opponents. Very nice early vehicle illustrations on the playing cards. The game is complete and in excellent condition, it has instructions for play and is boxed. £65.00. = £104.00. = EUR 94.00.
Gasoline Alley Card Game.

Milton Bradley c.1927. "A game of Walt and Skeezix and their friends" The game is complete and in very good condition in well lithographed original box with internal packing pieces. Instructions for play photocopied from original. £65.00. = $93.00. = EUR 105.00.

Made in England early 1900's Nice early set of snap cards in well lithographed box. The game is complete and in excellent condition with instructions for play on the inside of the lid. £35.00 = $52.50.
Game of The Nebbs.

Milton Bradley Co. c.1930's. Complete set of playing cards with original instructions and well lithographed box featuring the Nebbs. £55.00. = $79.00 = EUR 89.00.
Black Peter.

Black Peter.

Piatnik, Vienna date unknown. Lovely set os cards with great illustrations of animals. The game is complete and has instruction on box condition is excellent.



Maker Unknown c.1930's Quality box with gold embossed name on the lid, contains two packs of half size playing cards. Condition is very good. £14.00. = $26.00. = EUR 20.00.
Reg'lar Fellers Card Game.

Milton Bradley c.1920's Card Game based on the Gene Byrnes Famous Cartoon. The game is in good condition complete with original box, rules photocopy of original. £65.00. = $92.00. = EUR 105.00.
Charlie McCarthy Rummy Card Game.

Whitman Publishing Co. c.1930's. The Game of Rummy featuring Edgar Bergen's Charlie McCarthy. The game is complete and in good condition in original box with instruction for play.


Donald Duck Snap.

Donald Duck Snap.

Arrow Games Ltd. 1970 © Walt Disney Productions Well illustrated set of Snap Cards wit box in excellent condition. £12.00 = $19.00.
Muffin Card Game.

Muffin Card Game.

Muffin Syndicate c.1949 Wonderful set of cards from the early children's T.V. programme Muffin The Mule with Annette Mills. The card game is complete, has it's original box, playing instructions and is in excellent condition.


Disney Friends.

Waddingtons c. 1975. Three games in one Happy Families, Snap, Memory Game featuring a whole host of favorite Disney characters. Game is complete and in very good condition with instructions for play. £15.00. = $22.00.
Stocks & Shares Card Game.

Pepys Series c.1960's. Game based on buying and selling shares. The game is complete and in very good condition and has instructions for play. Box has some tape damage on the lid.


Animal Rummy.

Animal Rummy

Made in England by Clifford Toys c.1940. Well illustrated set of cards, complete and in good condition with original box.


Merry Andrews.

Merry Andrews

Maker Unknown. c. 1930's Happy Families Game sold as a promotional set for Andrews Liver Salt. Great period illustration on the cards. the set is complete and in very good condition. The box is missing the top flap and a small piece from one side. £30.00 = $48.00.


Chad Valley c.1930's. Question and answer party card game. The set is complete in excellent condition with original box.


Jungle Jinks.

Jungle Jinks.

H.P. Gibson & Sons c.1920's, ©Thomas De La Rue & Co. Ltd. 48 wonderful pictorial cards, illustrative of the adventures and games of the boys of Dr. Loin's Jungle School from original designs by Constance Stannard Chapman. The game is complete in excellent condition has instructions for play and box.



John Waddington Ltd Early set of an interesting and very popular game, the object to dispose of card as quickly as possible within the rules. The game is complete and in excellent condition with rules of play and original box. £28.00. = $45.00. = EUR 39.00.
Jaques Original Snap.

Jaques Original Snap.

Pepys Series. Re-issue of the early Jaques snap card game. Great illustrations. The game is complete with instruction booklet and box in excellent unused condition. £18.00 = $29.00.

Pepys Games c.1950s Card game based on Smuggling Contraband through Customs ( now that's different). The game is complete and in very good to excellent condition with rules, currency and original box.




Maker unknown. c. 1930's Traditional card game with very pleasant illustrations on the cards. Condition excellent and the game has it's original box.



Parker c.1964. Comparatively modern version of the early 1900's game. Complete and in very good condition with instructions for play, box lid has small areas of tape damage . £18.00 = $34.00 = EUR 26.00

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