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Panic Post.

Panic Post.

Chad Valley, Harborne England. c.1930's. An ideal party game the aim of which is to post the letters into the correct boxes. Complete with instructions post boxes and postcards the game is in very good condition, one small hole in box lid.


Motorace and Race-a-Round.


H.M. Series, England c.1930's. Two games in one, double sided playing board giving you a choice of either race game. Complete with insturction leaflet, box lid worn around edges and corners repaired. £28.00 = $50.00 = EUR 42.00.
Gun Law.

Bell Toys & Games Ltd. c. late 1950's early 60's. Board Game based on the I.T.V. programme staring James Arness as Marshall Matt Dillon. The game is complete and in very good to excellent condition with instructions for play. Box is also very good. £40.00. = $74.00. = EUR 58.00.
Beetle Game.

Beetle Game.

Chad Valley c. 1960's. Popular game for four players the object to build a beetle from component pieces. The game is complete and in good condition. Instructions for play printed on the inside of the lid. £30.00 = $54.00 = EUR 43.00


Maker unknown Germany c. 1940's A table croquet set fo two to six players complete with wooden balls, mallets, posts, metal hoops and instruction leaflet. Game in good condition, box has repairs to corners of lid and one corner of base.


1st Edition Cluedo.

John Waddington Ltd c.1950's Nice early version of the popular game Cluedo. The version came as a separate board and a box containing the playing pieces. Condition is complete and good Detective Notes cards have been used, dice cup and dice replaced. Box has all internal packing pieces, the board is good very slight rubbing around the edges.



Chad Valley Games c.1910's Very early Chad Valley version of the game Tiddleywinks, with bone counters and wooden cup. The box has a very nice lid illustration of a clown and dog playing the game, dog with the cup in it's mouth. Condition is very good.


Grand Prix.

Bells Toys and Games c.1930's Motor Race board game with lovely period illustrations on the box lid and playing board. The game is complete with four tokens, playing instruction leaflet, dice and cup and is in very good to excellent condition.


Spears Halma.

Spears Games c.1960's Comparatively modern version of the popular tactics game. This game has plastic playing pieces it differs slightly to the early game in that it has nineteen of each colour pawns, 4 player version uses thirteen each two player nineteen each. The game is complete an in very good condition. Instruction for play printed on the inside of the lid. £20.00 = $37.00 EUR 30.00

H. P. Gibson & Sons. c. 1930's Motor Car Race Game with a four fold board with lovely early race car illustrations. The game has four cast lead race car playing pieces. According to the instructions this is a two to six player game therefore there were probably two more cars originally. Game is complete with original box. £46.00. = $66.00. = EUR 74.00.

Spears Games. c.1930. A game that lacks in interesting playing pieces but has wonderful period artwork on both the box and the playing board, depicting a car journey from home to a picnic in the country complete with wind up portable gramophone The game is in excellent condition, complete and has instructions for play printed on the inside of the lid. £28.00. = $40.00.
Speedboat Racing.

Glevum Games. c.1930's A board game based on Speedboat Racing. The game is complete with a playing pieces and it's box with lovely period artwork on the lid illustration. £28.00. = $40.00.

Vintage Jig-Saw Puzzles.

"Military Horse Show".

Victory Jig-Saw Puzzle. Approximately 80 piece wooden puzzle "Military Horse Show" complete and in excellent condition 8¼" x 6¼" Box also excellent. £22.00. = $31.00.
"No Hunting Today".

Victory Jig-Saw Puzzle. Approximately 75 piece wooden puzzle 9" x 6". Complete and in excellent condition box also excellent. £20.00. = $28.00.
"Landing Craft".

T. P. Series Made in England. 32 piece wooden puzzle 7" x 5". In excellent condition box very good.



H.P. Gibson & Sons. c.1940's. Second World War version of this popular and intriguing Air Forces tactics game, this version still had airships included in the playing pieces The game is complete with all pieces, instruction booklet, and box. Condition is very good to excellent, box has been repaired on the lid corners. £135.00. = $248.00. = EUR 195.00.
Sheriff Sam Shooting Game.

Louis Marx U.K. c.1960's. Shooting game with cork firing Western style Pop Pistol and a tin lithographed stand with five crows as targets representing scores from 25 to 100. The game is complete with it's original box with great cartoon style Western lithography. Pop Pistol is working perfectly and comes complete with a cork. £45.00. = $65.00.

Webberley Ltd c.1950. Rare board game set around buying and selling stocks and shares determined by advantage and dis-avantage squares on the playing board, the game is for 3 to 7 players. Condition is excellent and complete with all playing pieces. £38.00. = $55.00.
Helmsman The Game of Table Top Sailing.

Tri-ang Toys & Games, Made in England by Minimodels Ltd c.1960's Rare game from Tri-ang for two or more players the object to complete the course on the board by fair sailing and superior skill beating your opponents. Excellent sailing game in excellent complete condition. Box is also in very good condition with great sailing lid illustration.


Jungle Shooting.

Chad Valley c. 1920's. Early Chad Valley game with six target animals and box that opens up into a shooting gallery. The game is complete with all parts including wire frame spring gun that fires wooden missiles. Condition is good some repairs and reinforcing to the box lid. Nice lithography inside and out. £75.00. = $112.00.
Chinese Checkers.

Pressman Toy Corp. New York./ Marbles, Berry Pink Inc. (Date Unknown). All tin lithographed playing board with a full set of 60 Solid Colour Glass Marbles. Condition of the playing board is very good to excellent slight wear to the marble storage wells. Marbles are also very good to excellent. Board is 39cm (15¼") square. £60.00. = $91.00.

The Chad Valley Co. Ltd c.1930's. Very attractive early battery powered game. Odd's are offered for the different coloured holes on the playing board on the top box which has four coloured light areas which light up when an old British 1d coin drops into the corresponding colour hole on the board. Playing method is either to toss the coins onto the board from an agreed distance or play it similar to shove halfpenny. Condition is very good, working perfectly. Box lid has 4cm (1½") piece missing from the lid bottom side flap. Complete with 5 old 1d coins. £65.00. = $98.00.
4 Cyte. "Twinset" Table Model.

Twentieth Century Games Ltd. c.1960's. Word game for one or two players endorsed by Frank Muir and Denis Norden. The game is complete with all letter tiles, playing boards, score sheets and instructions for play. Condition is very good, box lid label has some staining. £24.00. = $38.00. = EUR 36.00.
Disc O' Games. 27cm (10½") diameter. British Made maker unknown c.1920's This is a combination game with four games on it. Roulette, Put & Take, Race Horses and Crown & Anchor, complete with original box and instructions for playing the games. The game is made from lithographed tin with a balanced spinning pointer and a separate spinning counter. It is in excellent condition. £40.00 = $64.00.
Magnastiks. Bell Toys, London 1950. (Toy created by Ohio Art USA) Fascinating constructor type game. Models and figures are made up on magnetic pads from a collection of different chromed steel parts. Very different.


Pocket Chess. Board 16 x 11.5cm (6¼" x 4½")

K. & C. Ltd., London c.1950's Wooden board with plastic playing pieces in original box. Condition is very good to excellent. £22.00. = $31.00. = EUR 35.00.
Terry's (Patent) Metal Dominoes. Terry's c.1920's. All tin set of dominoes with most of their original box. The box is missing one end flap from the base a ll four side flaps from the lid. Dominoes are in good conditioon some minor marks. £25.00 = $42.00.

Spears Games c.1950's. Rare early version of the Stock Exchange game, buy low and sell high just like the real thing without the risk to your money, game for 3 to 10 players. Condition is very good and complete, box is slightly rubbed and repaired on the corners of the lid, dice cup is a replacement and top section of the pink playing piece replaced with a red piece. £56.00. = $89.00. = EUR 84.00

Chad Valley c.1950's. Popular horse race game with five lead horses and a vibrating Rexine track. Horses are in good condition complete with their own box with internal packing. The game is complete with all playing pieces. Box is also in very good condition with playing instructions pasted on the inside of the lid. Royal Warrant by Appointment to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.


Beat The Buzz. Chad Valley England 1960. Skill game for a steady hand the object to move a ring along three different bent wires without making contact and setting off the buzzer. Battery powered, condition is very good and working ring rod has a taped repair.. £20.00 = $33.00.
Soldier Skittles.

Soldier Skittles.

Chad Valley c.1950's. Nice traditional toy with five card soldiers on wooden bases. Game is complete with original box and three wooden balls. Condition is excellent. £40.00. = $65.00.

H.P. Gibson & Sons c. 1940. The land, sea and air version of this popular and intriguing military tactics board game, and the hardest of the quartet to find. The game is complete and in very good to excellent condition with instructions for play, the box has had some repair, one lid side flap has a very small piece missing.


Road Race Game.

Fairylite c. 1950's. Four player game with four small racecar playing pieces. The playing board is divided into 100 squares with a track running through them some squares have advantage some penalties. The playing pieces are taped into the box, condition is very good the outside of the board has slight staining. Nice racecar lithographed label on the playing piece box lid and board front. £45.00. = $65.00.
Motor Race Game.

Peter Pan Series c.1950. Old warehouse stock of this Motor Race Game for 2 to 4 players. Well illustrated board and box lid with period Race Cars. Condition is excellent dice and playing pieces still wrapped in cellophane. £22.00. = $34.00. = EUR 34.00.

Ariel Games c.1960's. Game based on the English Football Association Challenge Cup Competition. The game is in very good to excellent condition complete with all playing pieces, its original box and instructions. The box is also in very good condition.


Bottle Neck. Pepys Series, British. c. 1940's Two player game with the objective to move all nine playing pieces through the bottle neck on the board to the opponents game area. Condition is good playing pieces and dice are made from metal, dice cup is Bakelite. The box has been repaired on the inside corners of the lid.


Global Air Race Game.

Maker Unknown c. 1960's. Four player game with triple fold board with a map of the World progress around the board is determined by advantage and penalty stops. Game is complete with four aircraft playing pieces and is in good condition. £48.00. = $86.00. = EUR 70.00.
Dover Patrol International Series.

H.P. Gibson & Sons c.1920's Wonderful Naval tactics game of skill. This high quality version is from the early period of production of a series of four military tactics games from Gibsons. The game is in very good condition, it is complete, has instruction booklet and silver embossed box which is also very good some slight rubbing to the lid edges. £165.00. = $259.00. = EUR 242.00.
Jacks The Game of Knuckle Bones. Maker Unknown. Traditional game of 5 stones, jacks or knuckle bones. The game is complete with instruction for various versions and the original box. I would estimate the age to be around the 1950's or 60's. £18.00 = $29.00.
Tap Building. Chad Valley c.1960's Hammer & nails construction toy using different shaped and colour pieces of wood to fix to a piece of softboard. Condition is excellent.


Early Compendium of Games.

Maker Unknown c.1920. Very unusual combination of games in the compendium consists of Blow Football, Table Croquet, The Tail-Less Donkey and Houpla. Three of the games have their original instruction sheets all are complete and in very good condition. Croquet uses early clay marbles and blow football has it original blowing tubes and celluloid ball which is a little dented. Very nice box lid lithography. £48.00. = $70.00.
Dover Patrol.

H. P. Gibson and Sons. c.1970. Later version of this popular and intriguing military naval tactics game. This version is quite late in the production by Gibsons. It is complete, has instruction booklet and is in good condition. The box is a bit grubby with some scribble. £60.00. = $111.00. EUR 87.00.
Metal Puzzles.

Metal Puzzles.

Chad Valley c.1960 Box of 12 metal puzzles with instruction booklet. Box is in very good condition. £25.00 = $46.00 = EUR 37.00
Merit Metal Puzzles.

Metal Puzzles.

Merit, J & L Randall Ltd, London c.1955. Set of 12 metal puzzles in good condition, repair to one corner of box lid.


Solitaire. 11cm. (4¼") diameter board.

British Manufacture c.1920. Beech wood board with clay marbles, the game is complete, in good condition with original box. Box has half or the top side flap missing and is rubbed on the edges. £48.00. = $70.00.
Go The International Travel Game.

Waddington c.1960's. Worldwide travel game with the object to visit as many principal cities starting from London, also involves the purchasing of souvenir's. Travel by land, sea or air. An interesting and different game. The game is in very good condition, the box is good but does have some staining and scuffs. The game is complete with all playing pieces and has instructions for play. £40.00. = $72.00. = EUR 60.00.
The Bionic Woman Board Game. Denys Fisher c. 1975 Board game based on the T.V. Series condition is very good. £25.00 = $40.00.
Dilex Dilex. c.1950's Box size 20cm x 14.5cm. (7¾" x 5¾") Crossword type game. Condition very good, slight rubbing to box lid corners. 8/10.


Snakes & Ladders.

Topsail Games c. 1960's Traditional game complete and in good condition.


Double Your Money. Bell Toys & Games Ltd, London. c.1960's Box size 36cm x 36cm (14¼" x 14¼"). Board game version of I.T.V. show. Condition is excellent and complete 9/10. £28.00. = $43.00. = EUR 43.00.
Spot The Tune.

Bell's Toys & Games c.1960's. From the T.V. show starring Marion Ryan. The game comes with a 33rpm record with a few bars of 96 tunes the object for the 2 to 12 players is to Spot the Tune. The game is complete and in very good condition. £40.00 = $72.00 = EUR 57.00.
Premium. Gay Toys c. 1960's. 36cm x 26cm. (14¼" x 10¼"). rules. 7/10. £14.00 = $22.00.

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