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Waddy Production, London, England. c.1940's Stak-A-Stik is a lovely game which can be played in a number of ways all of which are based on the principle of balancing wooden sticks on a cylindrical base. This is a deluxe edition of the game and comprises of four bases and four individual boxes of sticks, it comes complete with instructions for all types of play and is in excellent condition with only minor damage to the underside of the box. £45.00 = $79.00 = €67.00.
Greyhound Racing Game.

Greyhound Racing Game.

Detoy Bros. c. 1940's. Very rare and hard to find Greyhound Racing Game in which the first greyhound to jump all six hurdles wins. The game is complete with instuctions, six metal hurdles and six lead greyhounds, these have some paint loss, and the box has taped corners, but overall condition is good.



Dominion Press London c.1930. Very rare and interesting multiple game played using a double sided lithographed metal disk and a Gramophone. (Gramophone not included). The game would work on any turntable. Games include The Race Game with some very nice period illustrations of race cars, motorcycles, biplane, speedboat horses and dog printed on one side of the disc. On the reverse side games are Stock Exchange (Bulls and Bears), Crown and Anchor, Dice Colours, Poker, Birthday Months and Roulette. All games are played in conjunction with a triple fold double side paying board included in the Gramogames Wallet. Full playing instruction are printed on the inside of the Wallet. Rare and collectable item in very good to excellent condition. £76.00. = $136.00. = EUR 114.00.
Dover Patrol.

H. P. Gibson & Sons c. 1940's. Second World War version of this popular naval tactics game. The game is complete with all playing pieces, instruction booklet and in very good to excellent condition. The box is also good, missing a small section of one side flap. £145.00. = $269.00. = EUR 211.00.

H.P. Gibson & Sons c.1940's. Popular land forces tactics game for two players. The game is complete with all playing pieces and instruction leaflet, condition of the game is very good. Box has been repaired with tape and has a 5cm (2") piece of one lid side flap missing.


Spears Hopla.

Spears Bavaria. c.1890's Early game from Spears Germany. The object to fly paper cones weighted at the tip into holes of different values in the box base. The game has three lithographed hands with a dowel on the middle underside, the cones are placed on the fingers and by hitting down on the other end are propelled through the air. The box lid illustration is a wonderful period picture of two children playing the game. Condition is very good tiny piece of lid illustration missing from right hand bottom side.


The Armada.

Chad Valley c. 1920's. Another excellent game from Chad Valley, the object to shoot down sailing ships with balls fired from two cannons. The game is complete with all playing pieces and is in good condition. The box has been repaired and reinforced with brown gum tape on the lid internally. One lid end flap and a small section of one side flap have been replaced. £65.00. = $120.00. = EUR 94.00.

German Made for British Market. Maker unknown. c.1920's. Very early Question and Answer game with three question discs and three answer sheets in the box. A disc with questions is laid in the centre of the box and a hand with a pointed index finger revolves below it to give the correct answer. Magic or possibly magnetic. Each disc contains twelve questions. Works perfectly every time. Condition is good to very good box has one side flap missing and is a little grubby with age. £69.00. = $124.00. = EUR 117.00.
Oscar The Film Stars Rise to Fame.

Distributed by Perry & Co. Ltd., c.1948. Wonderful board game based on the golden age of cinema. Game for two to six players involving the life and career of a film artiste from the beginning to eventual success as a Star and the winning of an Oscar. The illustrations on the board are lovely period subjects and scenes. The playing pieces are plastic containers into which a tiny picture of one of the Stars of the Silver Screen are put, such names as Rita Hayworth, Glenn Ford, Betty Grable, Tyrone Power and Richard Widmark are just five of the twelve stars to choose from. The game comes as a small box containing all the playing pieces, including the Oscar and instructions for play, and a separate board. Condition is very good and complete, the board is good slight blistering and staining to the covering on the outside. Now a rare and hard to find game. £125.00. = $206.00. = EUR 182.00.
Ship Ahoy.

J. Dring Ltd., c.1947. Lovely sailing board game for up to six players. Dring specialized in nautical games and this a very nice Yacht racing game. The object for two to six player is to race their Yacht around the board from the start point into the harbor. Moves are determined by a special pack of cards and a wind top. The game is complete it has six cast lead sailing yacht playing pieces, pack of special cards, spinning top, instructions for play, board and original box. The box has a small section of one side flap missing. Game in very good to excellent condition. Rare Item. £94.00. = $147.00. = EUR 147.00.

Tan-Sad Ltd., c. 1930's. Unusual and very different game consisting of six character heads and two lithographed Yo-Yo style discs. The object to place the disc over the head and roll it it round the perimeter back to the lithographed bee start without it falling off, (not easy). Characters are Jack (sailor HMS Watt.), Punch (Punch & Judy), Joey (Clown), Algy, Bertie and Colonel Bogey (carton or comic characters). Lovely artwork on the heads and the box lid. Condition is very good.


Motor Chase Across London.

Geographia Ltd c.1950 Lovely game based on a car chase through the streets of London. Four pursuit cars and a pursed racing car, represented by small cast metal car model playing pieces. The game is complete, has instructions for play and is in very good to excellent condition. Box lid containing playing pieces repaired on some of the corners. Very nice board and box lid illustration of 50's vehicles.


1st Edition Buccaneer.


John Waddington Ltd c.1930's. Very rare 1st edition pre patent version of this wonderful game of Piracy. High quality game with a linen backed roll up board contained in a card tube, with a separate small box for the playing pieces, in this version gold bars are made from brass, ruby and diamond playing pieces are mounted on metal back plates, pearls look almost real, all the jewels in the game are much larger and more impressive than later versions. The rum barrels are made from wood. Six ship playing pieces with wooden masts and paper sails. The game is complete with all original pieces, instruction leaflets and is in good condition, the card tube for the playing board is missing the end caps and some of the paper covering has peeled off. Board is good, some creasing and one small split, with both studs for the treasure island that fits in the centre. The first version was without any doubt the best ever.


The Game of Rich Uncle From The States (No.1).

Waddingtons c.1940's/50's Stock market game with Guidance from Rich Uncle Pennybags newspaper the Daily Bugle. The object to be the first player to acquire $50,000. game for 3 to 5 players. The game is in very good complete condition, box is also very good. £68.00. = $112.00. = EUR 98.00.

Thompsett Productions Ltd, England c.1953. Rare board game based on Golf. Nine hole course on the board is played twice. The course has all the usual hazards, bunkers, water, out of bounds, and rough, recovery from hazards is achieved using two packs of cards, distance and direction of shots from a chosen club determined by two different size dice. The game can be played by up to 8 players in pairs or two to four singles. Condition is excellent, game complete. £55.00. = $80.00. EUR 90.00.
Tiddly Chase.

Made In England. Maker unknown. c.1940's. Tiddly Winks style Game based on a Horse Steeple Chase. The game has a long four fold board with stand up hedges and hazards. Up to four players using counters make there way up the course to the winning post by flipping a small counter with a large one. The game has been found as old warehouse stock and has never been used. Condition is as new, box is good. £46.00. = $71.00. = EUR 72.00.
Over She Goes.

Waddy Productions c.1940's. Two player board game of tactics involving card discs black on one side and yellow on the other, the same a Jaques Reversi. The object of the game is to lay your colour on the board in positions that give you the opportunity to turn you opponents discs to your colour, winner being the player with the largest number of their colour up when all moves are completed. The game is complete and in very good condition with instructions for play. Box is complete with internal compartments some tape damage on the lid and corners repaired £46.00. = $86.00. = EUR 66.00.

Wm. Sessions Ltd., York, England c.1940s. This copy sold by H.P. Gibson & Sons A now quite hard to find board game for up to seven players, the object of the game for one of the players to become a Millionaire. Lovely board packed with period illustrations, the journey of players around the board is subject to advantage and penalty squares and a pack of playing cards with similar subject matter. The Game is in very good overall condition, small stain area on the outside of the playing board, the game is complete and has instructions for play. The small box containing the playing pieces has been taped on the corners with brown gum tape internally.


Air Race.

Chad Valley c. 1930's. Air Race game involving the delivery of mail around the world in the shortest time possible, games for 2 - 4 players. The destination cards have never been cut from their sheets which means the game is unused. Condition is very good to excellent, very nice early aircraft box lid illustration. £48.00. = $75.00. = EUR 70.00.

Made In Gt. Britain. c.1950's. This very simple and quite hard to find item would probably win the prize for being the smallest game, it's tiny tin just 3.25 x 2.75cm (1¼" x 1"). Game is played with two metal hexagonal rollers, one for the number of runs and one for the state of play. Condition is very good, tin , complete with playing instructions. One of the best condition examples I have had.


The Game of Halma.


Chad Valley c.1920's. Nice early halma game from Chad Valley. As with most early board games this example come with a small box containing the playing pieces and a sperate large board. The game is complete with all playing pieces for 2 - 4 players and is in good to very good condition. It has replacement playing instructions board is slightly scuffed on one edge. £48.00. = $86.00. = EUR 81.00. (When ordering please stipulate the price of the game in the item description to avoid confusion)
The Game of Halma.

Chad Valley c.1920's. Similar the the game listed above slightly smaller board and this version of the game is contained in a box. Condition is very good to excellent for a game of this age. Complete with all playing pieces and instructions for play pasted into the box lid. £44.00. = $79.00. = EUR 74.00. (When ordering please stipulate the price of the game in the item description to avoid confusion)
Indoor Golf.

Mulder Holland c.1960's 18 holes of Golf played on a board with the aid of three dice with colours instead of numbers. The game is for up to 4 players and is quite complicated. The game is complete and in excellent condition. £55.00. = $80.00.
Waddington's Scoop.

John Waddington c.1950's. 2-4 player version of the newspaper game, five daily papers The News Chronicle, The Daily Telegraph, The Times and the Daily Sketch (two of them long closed publication), one for each player the object is to make up the newspaper blanks from a series of cards, representing stories and advertisements, the latter particularly nice as they relate to products of the day. Moves determined from dialing symbols on an old fashioned telephone. The game is in very good condition, complete has instruction for play and original £40.00 = $72.00 = €56.00
Waddington's Scoop.

John Waddington c.1950's. 2-5 player version of the newspaper game, five daily papers The News Chronicle, The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Daily Express and the Daily Sketch (two of them long closed publication), one for each player the object is to make up the newspaper blanks from a series of cards, representing stories and advertisements, the latter particularly nice as they relate to products of the day. Moves determined from dialing symbols on an old fashioned telephone. The game is in very good condition, complete has instruction for play and original box.


Ernest Sewell Tiddlytennis.

British Made c. 1930's Ernest Sewell better known as a Magician and for a number of different magic sets was involved in the production of this game along with other unusual games. This is table top tennis game in the form of Tiddley Winks. The game is complete with a roll out cloth court, net and suitable winks and in the original box with instructions printed on the inside of the lid. Condition is very good..


Highway Patrol.

Bell Toys & Games c.1960's. Board game based on the ITV show "Highway Patrol" featuring Broderick Crawford. The game is for 2 to 4 player and complete with all playing pieces. Condition is very good. £32.00. = $50.00. = EUR 50.00.
2nd Edition Buccaneer.

Waddingtons c.late 1940's/early 50's. 2nd edition of this great Waddington game, "Buccaneer". The game has a heavy thick card playing board and a small separate box containing all the jewels, rubies, diamonds and pearls, gold bars, wooden rum barrels, six ships, two sets of crew cards and a set of chance cards, the instructions for play and the island insert for the centre of the board. A nice early example of the game in good condition. The board has a split on the inside paper covering down the centre join otherwise good.


1st Edition Totopoly.

John Waddington c.1938. This 1st edition of the game from Waddingtons comes with a message from the inventors Walter Lee and Roy Palmer and is titled "The New Game Totopoly" and is Patent applied for. The game is complete with all playing pieces contained in a small box with a separate heavy card board with two race courses, board is a little rubbed on the corners and centre seam paper covering is split. Horses are made from card mounted on wooden bases, all are complete and in very good to excellent condition. Rare early example of a very popular game. £110.00. = $204.00. = EUR 160.00.
Building Blocks/Pile-Ups.

Maker Unknown German c. 1890. Lovely early set of wooden box pile-ups covered in lithographed paper with period detail and the alphabet on the top. The boxes pack one inside the other. I am sure there should have been a solid brick with this set which is missing as there is no 'A', alphabet starts at B, still a very nice set. £38.00. = $55.00.
Aero Puzzle.

R. Journet & Co. London c.1950's. Early glass top aviation puzzle by Journet. The object to maneuver a small playing piece around a route from England via Ireland to America. A rare and interesting puzzle related to aviation in excellent condition. £24.00.= $37.00. = EUR 37.00.
Popeye The Sailorman Board Game.

Bell Toys & Games c. late 1950's. Popeye game with great lithography on the box and all the playing pieces. Included are four 7.5cm (3") high card Popeye figure playing pieces on metal stands, Popeye spinner, 16 illustrated adventure cards in sets of 4 featuring Bluto, Cap'n Snook, Hygmy Pygmy and Mad Prof Whatasnozzle, Lottery discs and Box Shaker (2 discs missing), 32 green counter Spinach Cans. Even taking into account the two missing pieces this is still a lovely game and quite a rare item. £55.00. = $80.00.
Escalado 1st Edition.

Chad Valley c.1920's. This is a pre Royal Warrant 1st edition of this very popular horse race game with vibrating track. This example is in good condition with five lead unusual lead horses, Jockeys have whips on this set. They in good condition, some loss of paint on some of the horses. Box has been quite extensively repaired, the lid has replacement side flaps, and the box base has been repaired and reinforced with brown gum tap. Nice early lid illustration. Horses contained in their original box. £90.00. = $170.00. = EUR 131.00
Pell Mell

Pell Mell

Maker unknown c.1930's. Pell Mell The Game of Royal Sticks, similar to Fiddlesticks, four different games in one, "Royal Sticks", "Party Sticks", "Tumbler Sticks" and "Dart Sticks". The game is complete with instruction leaflet, good condition. £28.00 = $50.00 = EUR 42.00.

F. H. Ayres c.1900. Very early high quality Halma game from Ayres. Lovely turned wood playing pawns 2.5cm (1") high. The game is complete with all playing pieces 2 sets of 19 and two sets of 13 pieces. contained in a wooden box with nice lid illustration, the game comes with a separate board. Original playing Instructions. Condition of this game is very good, board a little rubbed on the edges. £110.00. = $198.00. = EUR 165.00.

Chad Valley c.1950's. Unusual game based on Share trading. The game is played with ordinary playing cards, (not included by Chad Valley) There are four kinds of shares Spades, Hearts, Diamonds and Clubs. It is a fairly complicated game but does come complete with instructions for play four dials and different value tokens. Condition of the playing equipment is excellent the box is good slight rubbing on the corners and slight label damage top right hand corner of the lid. £55.00. = $80.00.
Mosaic Marbles.

Probably Spears c.1920's. Lovely period box illustration on this game. The game comes complete with playing board to arrange various coloured handmade clay marbles in. The marbles have been sealed into a plastic bag I would estimate there could be 200+ condition of the marbles is very good the game box has been repaired at the corners otherwise very good.


The Dingbats' Bagatelle. 15½" x 7¼" (39.5cm x18.5cm)

Dingbats Bagatelle.

Kim Toys. Very attractive Bagatelle game in a box with 5 clay marbles. There is no indication of country of origin or date for this game, probably English could be c. 1930's. Great lithograph on both the box lid and the playing surface with tinplate cups. Condition is very good small split to one lid side-flap. £55.00 = $88.00.

Chad Valley Company 1950's By appointment to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother. Popular horse race game with five lead horses and vibrating track. The game is complete and with original box. Condition is very good, horses are complete with their box. Very nice example of this popular Horse Race Game. Box is a little worn on the edges. Horses are very good overall condition slight loss of paint on some legs.



W. H. Lane c.1930's A game that on the box states "Entirely New" but is actually roulette in a different form. The game playing board is divided into areas with numbers, coloured counters are placed on these numbers and with the use of a spinner depending on where it stops players on that number receive 1 to 5 extra counters. The game is complete in very good condition with lovely period illustrations and lettering on the box lid. £36.00. = $52.00.

Maker Unknown, Germany c.1920. Nice early game of Roulette with celluloid ball. The interior if the box has two plated bells that are struck by the ball when in motion. Condition is very good, ball slightly distorted box is excellent. £22.00. = $32.00. = EUR 35.00.

Made in Germany 1950's. Unusual variation on the game tennis. The game requires the player to send a pair of wheels on an axle between two pieces of net and two wooden skittles by using a flexible shaped metal rod. The game is complete and in excellent condition with it's original box, instruction for play in German on the inside of the lid.


The Turnstile Puzzle.

R. Journet & Co. c.1940's Glass top puzzle, one in a series of many produced by Journet. The puzzle is in excellent condition. £18.00. = $25.00.
Pyramid Patience.

BGL London c. 1930's. Looks simple, but it isn't, a puzzle requiring the rebuilding of a Pyramid made from 8 wooden sections by moving one piece at a time from peg to peg never putting a large piece on a small piece. The game is in excellent condition complete with it's box. You will be amazed by the number of moves it takes. £22.00. = $30.00.
The Bagatelle Puzzle and Game.

R. Journet & Co. 1940's Glass top puzzle challenging the player to get seven ball bearings into holes in the area at the top of the board. Condition is very good tiny piece of paper covering missing on bottom left top corner. £22.00. = $31.00.
The Merry Toast Puzzle.

R. Journet & Co. Glass top puzzle the object to fill four drinking glasses with small coloured plastic rods. Condition is excellent. £25.00 = $44.25 = €36.50.
Double Six Puzzle.

R. Journet & Co. Glass top puzzle the object to get two dice with a six on the top and all other side matching. Conditions is very good. £20.00. = $28.00.
The Divers Puzzle.

R. Journet & Co. Glass top puzzle the object to get four ball bearings representing divers into the boats and not down the holes, Very hard puzzle. Condition is very good. £35.00 = $50.00.

English c.1930. Three player game the object to pick up four silver clay marbles on a wooden spade and deposit them in a pot, first one to four is the winner. Condition of the game is excellent and complete the box has just over half of one lid side flap missing.


Franklyn's Fine Shagg Novel Patience Game. Maker Unknown. c.1930's Tin containing 35 pieces that make up the slogan "Smoke Franklyn's Fine Shagg It Is Good". The object is to remove the tin pieces mix them up put them back in the tin and then slide them around using the space to form the slogan. This wads produced as an advertising aid for Franklyn's Tobacco. Condition is good some loss to the paint on the outside of the box £65-00 = $100.00.
Ball Bearing Puzzles. Marked Made In Occupied Japan maker unknown. Two designs for these double sided glass top puzzles one with a clown and a dog the other with a cat and a dog. The puzzles are 2¼" diameter with tin rims condition is very good. £18.00 = $30.00 each.
Funny Things Happen.

BGL. c.1930's Simple board game with wonderful seaside postcard style illustrations on the box and board. The object to make a journey to work with hazard and advantage squares on the route. The game is complete and in good condition.


Safety Archery Chad Valley Games c.1930's Box size 38 x 40cm. (15" x 15¾"). Condition good. One repair to box lid corner and side of box base, missing two arrows and one suction cup 7/10. £35.00 = $57.00.
Spears Magnetic Fishpond.

Spears Games c. 1920. Made In Bavaria. Nice early version of an ever popular game sadly incomplete. The game is missing one rod and a some of playing pieces. Lovely early box illustration and pond.


Domino. Made in Germany c. 1930. maker unknown. Box size 7 x 25.5cm (2¾" x 10"). Condition good. repairs to box lid 7/10. £15.00 = $22.00.
Mary Cut Out Dressing Doll. Ekazi Bamboo Inc Japan c.1950. 37 x24cm. (14½" x 9½") As new three sheets still sealed in cellophane wrapping 9+/10. £28.00 = $45.00.
Table Tennis.

Maker Unknown, Germany c.1920's. Early Table Tennis Game complete with two wooden Bats, Net with supports, Ball and instruction leaflet. The game has seen little if any use and is complete with it's box. £24.00. = $35.00. = EUR 38.00.
Hunting In The Wilds.

Chad Valley c. 1930's Board game involving Wildlife Hunting. Very attractive board with three revolving sections, nice period colours on the box illustration The game is in excellent and complete condition with rules for play 8+/10. £60.00. = $88.00.

Parker Brothers c.1930's. Early version of the later games requiring wooden pegs of one colour to be placed in an uninterrupted row of five in any direction, a game for two to four players. The game is complete and in very good condition, box is also quite good lid corners repaired internally, one sideflap missing.


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