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Are you searching for a particular toy for your collection?, you will find category buttons towards the bottom of this page which will enable you to navigate around Kidd's Toys Web Site, if you are unable to find the toy you are looking for in the lists maybe I can help you find it.

As a regular buyer first as a collector, for over 30 years, and now as a dealer I have many contacts and have knowledge of where things may be found, I see thousands of toys each week. If you are looking for particular items for your collection please complete the form at the bottom of this page and click on submit, I will acknowledge your enquiry and advise you on the possibility of finding the item or items you are looking for. Success rate on enquiries at the moment is about 60%, which is good considering that not all toys produced were available in the U.K., and some very rare pieces are difficult to find anywhere. There is no charge for this service at any stage. I deal only in antique and vintage toys therefore I am unable to help with new or reproduction items.

Please Note: I do not offer a valuation or information service, very sorry. I regret that I will not be able to reply to enquiries related to these subjects.

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It is very important that you enter your correct email address as this is the only way I am able to reply to your enquiry. If you do not receive a reply within seven days from submission of the form this will mean I am unable to help with the item you are looking for, I regret the huge number of forms submitted does not allow time to reply to those I am unable to help further, sorry.

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