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The following three pages are devoted to toys made around the World that are at budget prices . Our finding service is also available for any other toys you may be looking for.

Toys at Budget Prices.

This section of Kidd's Toys offers a selection of tinplate and other toys of recent manufacture. They are in most cases discontinued production, but have not yet gained greatly in value, as have the older toys in our lists. As worldwide restrictions increase on the materials used for making these toys for children's use, they will become rarer, this usually results in a rising value. The toys listed in this section we believe offer excellent value for money, and every chance of a good investment for the future. They are not suitable for children.

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Description date, country of origin and manufacturer.


Clockwork Elephant riding a tricycle.The toy is tinplate and made in Germany in the late 1970's. It is in as new condition standing 21cm (8¼") tall and comes complete with original box.
£25.00 = $44.00 = €36.00.

New.Aeroplane Carousel.PIC.

Clockwork aeroplane carousel. Made in Germany in the late 1970's this tin plate toy features three aeroplanes with plastic propellers that fly around a central base. The toy is in as new condition and comes complete with original box, box shows signs of wear.
£25.00 = $44.00 = €36.00.


Battery Operated Bull-Dozer with flashing light engine, moving scraper and sound mechanism. The toy is plastic made in Hong Kong c.1970's. It is in as new condition complete with original box and internal packing piece. 16.5cm (6½") long.
£28.00. = $43.00. = EUR 41.00.


Dump Truck with automatic tipping mechanism. Friction powered all tin toy truck with automatic tipping working from the front bumper 16.5cm (6½") long. Condition is as new complete with it's original box. Made in China c.1980's.
£18.00. = $28.00. = EUR 28.00.


All tin lithographed Tractor made in China c.1960's. This is a clockwork powered toy complete with original box and winding key. The toy was found as old warehouse stock and has not been played with.


Twin Bus Roadway. Clockwork powered toys made in Russia c.1980's. Six tiny buses on two tracks with tunnels and Bus Garage buildings. Base is 24cm (9½") wide. Condition is very good to excellent working perfectly. Toy comes complete with it's original box. This toy is no longer made in Russia.

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Condition descriptions.

Every effort has been made to fairly describe the condition of the toys listed, and their boxes where applicable. If you are not completely satisfied with any purchase a full refund is available. If you would like more details on any toy, or further information on it's condition please e-mail your requests

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