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A new section to the site which will expand with time, featuring hollow-cast lead figures and accessories made in Great Britain both pre and post war by William Britain, Hill, Taylor & Barrett and many others. If you are looking for any specific toys in this area of collecting I will be pleased to try to find them for you, just sent a mail to me with a list of the items you are looking for at

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Four hollow-cast lead Horses . Collection No.4.

Britains post war. Nice collection of Britains horses. Condition of three in the picture is very good some paint chips to the other toy. £32.00. = $51.00. = EUR 45.00.
Collection No.3. of hollow-cast lead, seven Sheep and a Figure.

Britains and others, pre and post war. Figure is of unknown make sheep by Britains, Taylor and Barratt and others. Condition is good to very good some slight rubbing to paint on raised surfaces on a couple of the sheep.


Collection No.5. of hollow-cast lead, three Cows and two Calves.

Britains and others pre and post war. Condition is good to very good, chip to paint on Jersey Cow.


Hollow-cast lead Bull and Drover.

Britains and Timpo post war. Bull is in very good to excellent condition Drover is missing stick otherwise very good. £18.00. = $29.00. = EUR 25.00.
Four hollow-cast lead Foals. No.8.

Britains and others post war. Collection of four foals in good condition, slight paint chips on three of them. £20.00. = $32.00. = EUR 28.00.
Seven hollow-cast lead Geese and Ducks with Drover. No.13.

Britains and others pre and post war. Seven geese and ducks with Drover, condition is good 7/10.


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Condition descriptions.

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