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Electric Pylon Helicopter. (battery) helicopter 23cm (9") long.

Tri-ang. International Model Aircraft Ltd. (Lines Brothers) c.1950's. Flying Helicopter toy with controls for speed, hover, forwards and backwards flight. The toy is in working order and flies well, it comes complete with two loads for the helicopter to pick up on the hook at the front, lithographed card control tower cover for the two No.126 4.5 volt batteries required to power the toy, full assembly and flying instruction sheet and its original box. Condition is very good, one landing skid has a small repair. Nice early helicopter toy. £110.00. = $175.00. = EUR 159.00.
No.66 Drummer Boy. (clockwork) 15cm (6") high.

A. Wells & Co. c.1952. All tin clockwork powered Drummer Boy on Horseback with forward and turning action, arms move to beat the drum. Lovely traditional toy in very good condition and perfect working order.


Clown. (clockwork) 26.5cm (10½") high.

Maker Unknown c.1940's. Mechanical Clown with composition head. The toy has a side to side turning action which makes forward movement. The body and feet are metal with fabric clothing and brass bells on the end of the arms. Trousers have two splits in the fabric on one leg and are grubby with age. Some loss of paintwork on the feet. Working perfectly. 7/10. £88.00. = $138.00. = EUR 129.00.
Bluebird Air Police Helicopter. (Vertibird continuation) (battery).

Maker Unknown c.1970's Late 1970's version of the Mattel Vertibird toy, virtually identical apart from the colour of the Helicopter and not quite as many decals. Action is the same hovers, flies forward and backwards. This example is as near to new condition as they come, I have removed it from the box to test the functions, toy in perfect working order, the accessories are still attached to their original moulding, the road section and landing pad still attached to the inside packing piece of the box. The toy has it's instruction leaflet and original box. Toy and box grade at 9++/10. Great example of a fun toy.


Give A Show Disneyland Projector. (Battery)

Chad Valley c. 1960's. Nostalgic and very popular toy from the early 60's when T.V. was not quite so prominent. A sheet hung on the wall to show the picture on was great fun then, a probably still can be. The toy is in excellent condition, it come with sixteen film slides, seven pictures on each, featuring the Walt Disney favorites from the period Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Dumbo, Hiawatha and others. Well lithographed box with this version with a screen on the inside of the lid.


Minibrix No.1.Set.

Minibrix Ltd. c. 1950's. No.1.Set of rubber interlocking building bricks in a tub box. The set is complete and in very good condition. It has the original parts list and instruction leaflet. £48.00. = $75.00. = EUR 70.00.
Tin Dolls House Kitchen Dresser and Fireplace with Range. Dresser 12cm (4¾") high.

Maker unknown c. early 1900's. Two all tin early pieces of Dolls House Kitchen, fire place with range and a kitchen dresser. Toys are in fair to good condition some surface spotting on the painted areas and surface rusting on the bare tin at the back of both pieces.. £60.00. = $93.00. = EUR 94.00.
Dolls House Grandfather Clock No.2. 20.5cm (8") high.

A. Wells & Co. c.1930. All tin lithographed Grandfather Clock. This toy was made to be weight driven and will work with a length of string and a suitable weight. Condition is good loss of plating on the pendulum some marking to the clock face. . £45.00. = $69.00. = EUR 71.00.
Dolls House Grandfather Clock No.1. 20.5cm (8") high.

A. Wells & Co. c.1930. All tin lithographed Grandfather Clock. This toy was made to be weight driven and will work with a length of string and a suitable weight. Condition is good two small areas of corrosion on the foot and loss of plating on the pendulum. £50.00. = $77.00. = EUR 79.00.
Archie Andrews Ventriloquist Doll. 36cm (14") high .

Pallitoy c. 1950's. Probably the U.K's best know Ventriloquist Doll from the days of Radio, (much easier to perform ventriloquism on Radio), as was proved when the act tried to make the transition to television. Archie Andrews with Peter Brough had a regular radio programme, "Educating Archie", which was broadcast on the BBC Light Programme in the early 1950's, the programme drew huge listening audiences of 7.5 million on it's weekly Thursday slot and up to 8.4 million for the Sunday repeat and a further 3 million for the Wednesday repeat. Peter Brough died at age 83 in 1999. This nostalgic toy is in very good condition, it has lever and rod control for head and mouth movement. Archie is complete with his original box which is in quite good condition some wear to the edges and reinforcement to the inside of the lid.


Twin Coaster. (clockwork) track 76cm (30") long.

British Made possibly Mettoy c. 1950's. Nice toy with two towers containing clockwork mechanisms to flick the cars back a forth over the track. This toy has very good lithography on the towers and the cars. One of the cars has been re-wheeled and can be a bit sluggish otherwise the toy is in very good to excellent condition. It is complete with it's original box, one end is missing one flap and a small piece of the side, the box has been reinforced on the inside with tape. Toy 7+/10 allowing for the replacement wheels box 6/10. £110.00. = $158.00.
Springer (Slinky).

Merit c.1970. Very hard to find this toy in good condition, this example is very good and complete with it's original box, great nostalgic toy.


No.355. The Prince Streamline Train Set. (clockwork). '0' Gauge.

Brimtoy c.1950. Very nice Brimtoy Train Set "The Prince" 0-4-0 Locomotive with four wheel Tender, First Class coach plus a Station and an oval of track. The set is complete with it's original box and in overall very good condition. Slight marking on the very bottom edge of the locomotive on one side and the front of the station platform. Toy 8+/10 Box 7/10.


Penguin Series 4 'Solent' Cabin Cruiser. (clockwork) 23cm (9") long.

International Model Aircraft Ltd. (Lines Bros., Tri-ang) c. 1950. One of a series of plastic toy boats produced by this company. This toy is in good condition, working perfectly, has a winding key and original box. Box is missing one set of endflaps and has some staining on one side. £32.00. = $51.00. = EUR 45.00.
Big Dipper. (clockwork) track 114cm (45") long.

British Made c.1950's. British version of a toy made by Technofix in Germany. This toy differs in that it has fairground scenes the German toy was road scenes. Impressive lithography on both the toy and box. Condition is very good. The box has the end flaps missing on one end. £95.00. = $137.00.
Cherokee Special Turn-About Loco. (clockwork) track 28cm (11") long.

Mettoy c.1960. Small tin with plastic smoke stack Western style locomotive travels from end to end of the track. Toy is in very good to excellent condition with original box. The box is missing end flaps. £60.00. = $87.00.
Motorway. (Clockwork). Large figure 8 track.

Louis Marx Toys, Swansea Factory. c.1960's. Later plastic version of the speedway toy made by Marx. The toy is complete with two clockwork cars in original boxes and a figure eight track with bridge fly over in the middle. The set is in it's original box with artwork of cars of the period. Condition is very good to excellent, box has one corner taped and a repaired split in one side flap. £58.00. = $92.00. = EUR 89.00.
Electric Flying Helicopter. (Battery) Helicopter 19cm (7½") long.

20th Century Toys. c. late 1950's. (Probably "Childs & Smith"). This toy could well be continued production by Childs & Smith, maker of the "Nulli Secundus" flying helicopter toy. Differences are in the shape of the Helicopter which is made in hard plastic, not tin as in the earlier toy, the central pylon and and battery control box are also plastic, otherwise identical. This very rare toy works well on a 4.5volt battery, with screw terminals on the top. Not an easy battery to find but it is still made by Ever Ready (No.126 4.5volt). One is included with the toy. On the box lid it states "it lights up as it flies" I can only assume the bulb inside the toy has blown as it does not work. Down the years I have had a few of the earlier "Nulli Secundus" toys but have never seen this model before, good early shape to the Helicopter. The original box with the toy is also in very good condition with internal packing pieces. £145.00. = $224.00. = EUR 226.00.
Telstar Pocket Kaleidoscope.

Green Monk c. early 1960's. Kaleidoscope related to a little bit of Space exploration history, the 1st Telstar Satellite was launched in 1962. Nice lithography on this all tin toy, Satellite in the viewing field. Condition is good two small dents and a small scratch on one side. £35.00. = $51.00.


Onado Industries Ltd c.1950. Rare Mecanno style construction toy fixed into it's original box. Missing nuts and bolts, very slight loss of plating on some pieces. £50.00 = $80.00
Racer 1. Speedboat (clockwork) 25.5cm (10") long. Hornby Ltd. c. 1930's Literature: See The Art of the Tin Toy by David Pressland, p.136. The toy is in good overall condition it has rubbing and some small chips to the paintwork around the top edges and the point of the bow, and a few minor scratch marks to the underside. There are six small dents to the deck area mainly just in front of the rudder bar. The mechanism is in perfect working order. There is slight fading to the name transfer. It is complete with the felt sealer under the green deck plate. Grades at 7/10.


Ranch Phone Bank 34cm (13½") high. Codeg c. 1950's. Very good condition 8+/10. £45.00. = $73.00.
Mrs Tabby's Kitchen Cabinet. Box 23.5cm x 23cm (9¼" x 9") Peter Pan Playthings c. 1950. Great lithography on the box which contains a pottery mixing bowl, rolling pin, pastry board, scales and whisk, condition is very good. £38.00 = $63.00.
Tumblin' Weeble & Slide.

Airfix c.1977. Weighted Weeble in the style of a "Jumping Bean" with a rocking slide. I would guess that when set in motion this rare Weeble toy would continue to rock for some time. It has to be a guess as the toy is still sealed in if original blister pack. Condition is excellent.


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