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British Toys. Page 1.

British Tin Toy Manufacturers.

There were a number of excellent Tin Toy makers in Great Britain, among them were A.Wells & Co. 1919-1932, later to become Wells Brimtoy Ltd., ceased production in 1965, The Mettoy Company 1933-1983, Chad Valley Ltd 1823-1978, (Chad Valley did not produce Tin Toys until after the second World War), Burnett Ltd. 1914-1939 made Ubilda Toys, taken over by Chad Valley 1939. The British part of the Louis Marx Company 1937-1967. Lines Brothers Ltd the makers of Tri-ang Toys 1919-1983, and of course Meccano Ltd, the company founded by Frank Hornby, makers of Meccano, Dinky and Hornby Trains from a factory in Binns Road, Liverpool England. None of these companies exist today. The most informative work on the subject is British Tin Toys By Marguerite Fawdry, published by New Cavendish Books, ISBN 0-904568-86-5. Marguerite was a lady I had the pleasure to know, and her knowledge and research on the subject was second to none. She was the founder of Pollocks Toy Museum in Scala Street, London, England, where you can still find a good collection of British Tin Toys on display. Please enjoy your browse through this section of Kidd's Toys.

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Archie Andrews Dancing Doll.

Archie Andrews Dancing Doll.

Maker unknown c.1950's. This wonderful jointed card figure of Archie Andrews is bought to life by attaching him to length of cotton to make him 'dance'. A lovely toy in excellent condition complete with insrtructions and original envelope which is slightly torn. £35.00 = $61.00 = €51.00.
R.M.S Queen Mary.

R.M.S. Queen Mary.

Chad Valley, England. c.1940's. A 'take to pieces' model of R.M.S. Queen Mary. The Ship consists of twelve cardboard layers which when taken apart reveal details of each decks interior. A lovely toy in very good condition complete with original box, box does show signs of wear with splitting on some edges and small piece of writing on label.


Vulcan Minor Sewing Machine.

Vulcan Minor

Vulcan, England. c. 1950's. A fully working Vulcan Minor child's sewing machine, complete with table clamp and in original box, both in good condition, box has some wear and machine has some paint loss on back.


Wakouwa Dog.


Tri-Ang, England. c. 1950's. Tri-Ang Wakouwa Dog, apply pressure to the base plate of this toy and with a little practice you can make him do all sorts of tricks. Complete with original box, toy is in excellent condition, box is very good with slight wear to edges.


New.Pelham Muffin the Mule.

Muffin the Mule

Pelham Puppets, England. c. 1950's A rare Pelham Puppet of Muffin the mule, Muffin was one of the first children's T.V. puppets appearing from the late 1940's with Annette Mills. The puppet stands 18cm (7") tall from ears to hoof, and is in excellent condition complete with original box. One of the strings and front leg elastic have been replaced.

£175.00 = $325.50 = €255.50.

Britains Floral Garden.

Floral Garden.

William Britains Ltd. c.1960's A collection of Britains Floral Garden including sections of wall, flowerbeds, fence, gateposts, gate, swing seat, tree, lots of flowers and two planting tools. Condition is very good.


Sam The City Gardener. (clockwork) Figure 19cm (7½") high.

Louis Marx & Co. Ltd., Swansea Factory c. 1960's. Exceptional example of a great clockwork action toy from Marx. Sam The City Gardner when set in motion runs along behind his garden barrow with realistic leg action. The toy was found as unsold shop stock and is in excellent as new condition, one of the best examples I have seen. It is complete with it's original well lithographed box, also in as new condition. The figure is plastic the barrow is lithographed tin. £185.00. = $290.00. = EUR 271.00.
Sheriff Sam The Crazy Cowboy. (clockwork) 18.5cm (7¼") high.

Louis Marx & Co. Ltd., Swansea c.1960. A novelty action toy with random and bucking movement from Sheriff Sam's Crazy Car. The toy was found as unsold shop stock and is in as new excellent condition complete with box in the same condition. This toy is part plastic and part lithographed tin and a fine example. £158.00. = $248.00. = EUR 232.00.
Tea Set.

Betal Toys. J. H. Glassman Ltd Betal Works, London c. 1940's All tin toy tea set in lovely period illustrated box, four cups and saucers, teapot and tray fitted into internal box packing piece. Condition is very good the set has seen little if any use. Box is also good some repairs and reinforcement on the lid corners and side flaps. Rare item. £65.00. = $122.00. = EUR 94.00.
Miss England Steam Speed Boat. (Steam Driven) 34.5cm (13½") long.

Victory Industries (Surrey) Ltd., c.1948. Super toy Speed Boat. Steam driven, fired by a Methylated Spirit burner. The toy is in very good to excellent condition and has it's original box and instruction leaflet. The box has lost some of the outer edges of the lid illustration and has some staining on the sides otherwise good. A classic and now very hard to find British toy. £225.00. = $351.00. = EUR 351.00.

British Made c. 1930's A do it yourself Kaleidoscope optical toy. Kaleidoscope is mounted above a turntable where any object or objects can be placed to give the visual effect. Nice early item in very good to excellent condition complete with original box with instructions for use attached to the inside of the lid. £68.00. = $108.00. = EUR 98.00.
No.9/150 Swimming Fish. (clockwork) 28cm (11") long.

Wells c.1950's. Tin well lithographed water toy Swimming Fish by Wells with moving tail for propulsion. Condition is good some wear to the underside lithography where the toy has been pushed along. Mechanism working perfectly. 7/10 £63.00. = $90.00. = EUR 102.00.
Mirror Scope. 31cm (12¼") long.

Style Toys Ltd., London c.1920's. Very nice early triangular Kaleidoscope toy with foil pieces in the viewing area creating some great patterns. Condition is very good. £55.00. = $77.00.
The New 4 in 1 Detective Spudmatic Gun.

Lone Star c. 1970's. The best ever spud gun. This example shoots water, corks, caps and of course pieces of potato. It is unused still packed in it's box with bag of corks, converter to make it into a water pistol. and cap firing mechanism. Great piece of nostalgia for many.


Horse Race. (clockwork) Horses 16.5cm (6½") long.

Fairylite U.K. (Foreign Made) Japanese Manufacture c.1930. Very nice early clockwork powered two horse toy with galloping action. The horses and jockeys are made from celluoid attached to a tinplate base with fixed circular steering. When set in motion the horses move upwards and forwards in turn, lovely action. The toy is in very good condition there is a section of one whip missing from the jockeys hand on the brown horse and the elastic securing the back legs on this horse has stretched leaving the legs loose. The toy has it's original box with lid illustration. Box is complete, lid corners repaired internally with brown gum tape. £185.00. = $305.00. = EUR 268.00.
Bowman Racing Pond Yacht. 61cm (24") long.

Bowman Norfolk c.1920's. Early Wooden Pond Yacht in very good condition boom a replacement, some rigging replaced. Bowman Logo transfer on the deck, heavy metal keel and rudder.. £120.00. = $172.00.
Aerocopter. 42.5cm (16¾") wingspan. Flying toy.

U.K. production maker unknown. c.1950's. A popular aircraft flying toy from the 50's that could be seen on every beach and park in the country at the time. The toy is made from the same plastic as toy windmills, it is flown from a line attached to a small wood and wire hand held rod with winding spool. The wings on the toy rotate and it flies well. Now hard to find items, this example is in excellent condition and is complete with it's original 50's style illustrated box, great nostalgia. £48.00. = $79.00. = EUR 69.00.
Superior Airport. 61cm (24") wide.

Mettoy 1958. Extremely rare and veryimpressive tin toy. The toy is complete with instruction leaflet, all original vehicles and aircraft, these are made in hard plastic and consist of Gasoline Truck with tank for water and aircraft filler pipe, Cargo Plane with fuel tank and emtpying pump (one propeller missing), Transport Plane with rod attached for connection to hand cranked flying mechanism, Crash Truck with water container pump and hose, Airport Bus one pair of plastic wheels missing, Fire Tender, Station Waggon and Derrick (crane). The right hand garage has two sprung brackets that shoot the fire tenders out when release is pressed, there is a ramp at the back giving access to the roof parking and loading area, revolving doors on the front of the main building. The flying aircraft is attached to the small tower on the front left of the base and the hand cranked controls for flying and landing the aircraft are on the front right. Wonderful lithography on what can only be described as a sensational vintage tin toy in extremely good condition. £350.00. = $243.00.
Brickplayer No.3. Set

Spears c.1950's Really good construction toy with assorted real small red bricks, doors, windows and other pieces, that could be cemented together with cement that dissolved when left in water overnight to allow the bricks to be used over and over again for building. The set has a bag of cement, small trowel, instruction booklet, plans and original box. Condition is very good, box is also quite good rubbing to the edges and corners of the lid repaired. Contents arranged on double layer with lift out sections in the box, bases, plans and roof pieces underneath. I would estimate the set to be 90% complete.


Dolly's Household Set. Clothes horse 13.5cm (5¼") high.

Maker Unknown c. 1930's Wonderful boxed set containing nine items of miniature household equipment including a carpet sweeper long handled broom, clothes horse, tin bucket, tin and wood washboard, floor mop, tin bath and tin dustpan with a brush. The broom and brush have real bristles and the mop has a soft mop head. Condition is very good to excellent. 9-9+/10. £85.00. = $136.00.
Master Mariner. (battery) Pool 91.5cm (36") diameter.

G. & R. Wrenn Ltd. c.1960. Very different toy, small battery powered boat is steered remotely from a small ships wheel, control comes from a battery powered coil that is fitted around the outside of the inflatable pool. The object to steer the boat around four buoys. This toy has never been used and is still packed in it's box. It is complete, has three instruction and information leaflets, original bottle of oil and the Master Mariner Hat. One buoys has a small section of the top missing, otherwise the toy is in very good to excellent condition. £85.00. = $123.00.
My Dolly's Dress & Hat Set.

Peter Pan Series c. 1950's. An unused doll dress making and hat set. The set contains all the items required for making dresses for the celluloid doll included with it, fabric, ribbon, lace, cotton, scissors, tape measure, thimble, dress patterns, needle, two wooden coat hangers and two hats, all still fitted into the original well lithographed box. Very hard to find toys of this kind in this condition. A great nostalgic item from the days when children had the interest and time to dress dolls. £48.00. = $90.00. = EUR 69.00.
9 Piece Dolly's Tea Set.

British Made. Maker unknown c. 1930's/40's. All tin toy tea set with three cups and saucers, teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl. Unsold warehouse stock in as new condition still pack in it's original box.


Ubilda Fort, Cat. No. 30/60. Base 37 x 30.5cm (14½" x 12")

Burnett Ltd c.1930. Literature: SeeBritish Tin Toys Marguerite Fawdry, reproduction Burnett catalogue inside front cover.. All tin lithographed fort with original box base which is made from card and wood. The fort is a nut and bolt construction toy with a working drawbridge the toy is complete and in excellent condition. The base which is paper covered has some small pieces of the covering missing. Very attractive early British tin toy. 8/10. £110.00. = $160.00.
King Tut Magic Mummy Novelty Toy. 5cm (2") long.

King Tut

Fairylite c.1950's. Magnetic novelty toy King Tut. The toy is in very good to excellent condition complete with it's original box, top flap of box missing. £22.00 = $39.00 = EUR 32.00
Perky Pups Novelty Toy. 3.25cm (1¼") high.

Palitoy c.1950's. Nostalgic toy for many two dogs with magnets in the bases repel and attract. The toys are in excellent condition and complete with original box. £22.00. = $35.00. = EUR 31.00.
Raving Bonkers The Fighting Robots. (Rock-em Sock-em Robots).

Marx Toys c.1972. U.K. Marx version of the American made Rock-em Sock-em Robots, not as many of the British toy were made and they are rarer than the U.S. version. Great toy with two boxing Robot figures, "Biffer Bonker" and "Basher Bonker", controlled by remote control levers and buttons on two side of the ring. The object to hit your opponent squarely on the chin, the head then pops up on a ratchet. The toy is in excellent original condition and working perfectly, It is complete with it's box which is in very good condition, it has been reinforced on the inside lid corners with brown gum tape. Exceptionally nice example of a fun toy.


Bayko No.1x. Set.

Plimpton Engineering c.1950's Complete to parts list No.1x set. The toy is in good condition, box also good. Combined with a No.1. set this makes the equivalent of a No.2. set.


Bayko No.1. Set Early Red Box..

Plimpton Engineering c.1940's. Very rare and early Red Box Bayko No.1. The set has the original instruction booklet with a rubber stamp message on the front stating "Larger Size Sets than No.2. and 1 "x" will not be available before June 1947." which dates the toy quite accurately. The set is complete to parts list one white end brick is a replacement. Flat roof sections have a lattice tile pattern, bricks are solid at the back. The set is complete with it's box which is in overall good condition but does have Minibrix written in felt tip on the lid. Very hard to find this toy now. £165.00. = $237.00. = EUR 267.00.
Bayko No.2x. Set.

Plimpton Engineering c.1950's No.2x. set in very good condition complete to parts list. The box is good faded lid. (Combined with a 2 set a 2x set will make up to a number 3 set). £50.00. = $73.00. = EUR 81.00.
Bayko No.3. Set.

Plimpton Engineering c.1950's One of the bigger sets this example is complete to parts list, with instruction book and it's box. The set condition is very good, box is good with some of the internal storage boxes, it does have some slight staining on the lid and has some internal reinforcement with brown gum tape. £130.00. = $240.00. = EUR 195.00
Muffin The Mule Marionette. 16cm (6¼") high.

Lesney Moko c.1950. Literature: SeeBritish Tin Toys Marguerite Fawdry, p.81. Muffin was one of the first children's T.V. puppets appearing from the late 1940's with Annette Mills back in the days of black and white television with noises off, (nostalgia!, nostalgia!). This toy is in good condition there is some wear to the paint work on the legs, three strings original with rings but shortened. 7/10


Magnetic Satellite. Card 25.5cm x 12cm (10" x 4¾")


Peter Pan Playthings 1950's. This little piece of toy space history was made when the first satellite, "Sputnik", went into orbit. It has survived in remarkable condition for a cards and plastic toy. The pins at the end of the satellite are magnetic and it is attracted to two metal strips at the top and bottom of the slot in the card when tilted the satellite spins to one end turns and spins to the other end turns an repeats the operation. £45.00 = $73.00
1/12 scale Hydroplane. (battery) 48cm. (19") long.

Codeg. Cowan de Groot Ltd. c. 1940's. Large Tin Hydroplane Boat with heavy duty electric motor powered by a 4.5volt battery. Not the prettiest toy ever but interesting and quite rare. The toy is in overall good condition with a very small amount of paint chipping. I have connected the motor to a battery and it works perfectly. The toy is complete with it's original box with a Codeg label on one end box is good but grubby. £85.00. = $158.00. = EUR 124.00.

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